Tuesday, June 21, 2022

And Again!

Welp. I tried this year. But yet again, I got sucked into the chaos of the end of the year and let the blog go silent for a while. I think next year, I'll just post a scheduled hiatus mid-May, since this seems to be an annual event! Better to be prepared than be bummed after the fact!

Anyway, the end of the school year felt normal for the first time in two years, which meant the normal amount of intense business and exuberant fun. Excitingly, we collected all student devices, as usual, and as long as the order comes in on time, all of our lower school students will be getting new iPads in the fall! The ones we collected just completed their 6th year of classroom use... yep, time for a retirement party.

End of the year highlights include...

  • 3rd Grade Fairy Tale Ball
  • 4th Grade Michigan Celebration
  • 6th Grade Fashion Show in Hebrew
  • 8th Grade Graduation
  • 2nd Grade Robot Days
  • 1st Grade Boddle Baddles
  • 7th Grade CoSpacesEDU project
  • and so much more!
Now we're in close down mode and readying for the coming school year. All the plexiglass in the building is coming down, the Chromebooks in need of repair have been registered and sent in, and we're updating the technology handbook for the fall.

And I'm chomping at the bit because in a few short days, I head out to my first ISTE!

I hope everyone's school-year has wrapped with more positive notes than otherwise!