Readings, Resources, and Recommendations

An avid bibliophile, my resources are constantly growing.
This page includes some of my favorites - from books to classroom resources.

FYI: Some of the links below are affiliate links, I earn a small commission, at no additional expense to you, if you purchase using the links on this page.

Designed to help classroom teachers become more adept at using technology in their teaching and with their students, this is my first published book! (I'm just a little excited!)

It's perfect for on-your-own PD hours, required by most schools, and is a great, self-paced learning tool for anyone who wants to level up their teaching.

Published January 2021
Purchase via Amazon

Webster's Manners by Hannah Whaley
Great for younger learners!

Webster's Friend by Hannah Whaley
Great for younger learners!

Osmo Little Genius for Kindle Fire
My favorite for youngers!

Osmo Little Genius for iPads
My favorite for youngers!

Hashtag Goldilocks by Jeanne Willis
Fairy Tales meet Digital Citizenship

The Technology Tail by Julia Cook
A good introduction to Digital Citizenship

Noah's New Phone by Dina Alexander
Excellent read for middle grades

The Good War by Todd Strasser
A powerful read involving e-sports

A Little Spot Learns Online by Diane Alber A nice setup for kids learning remotely

The Liking Tree
For older-ish kids on Social Media Use

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