Friday, March 8, 2019

FanGirl Friday: Leslie Fisher

I am a geek and proud of it.  No, not a Star Wars geek or anything like that (though to those who are, you go!)  I am a tech geek.  More precisely, an EdTech geek.  And sometimes it reaches fangirl status.

If you are in the educational technology world, and you don't know Leslie Fisher, you are missing out.  Seriously.  Check out her website.  And if you can't make it to a conference or workshop where Leslie is presenting, sometimes she does these fantastic webinars.  If you can't find a webinar, follow her on twitter.  It will be well worth it!  From gadgets to Google.  From Adobe to Augmented Reality.  Learn with Leslie and you'll have tools you can use the next day!

Macul 2016
The first time I met Leslie was at the MACUL 2016.  It was the end of a long day, and I was walking by a ballroom where she was presenting to a standing-room only audience.  The room kept dissolving into oohs and aahhs every few minutes and I was curious.  I poked my head in, found a little piece of wall to claim, and listened.

And ooohed.  And aahhed.  And became intrigued.  And became a Twitter follower.  And lo and behold, became a fangirl.

Every year since then, I intentionally plan my MACUL schedule so that I can attend at least one of Leslie's sessions.  This year I'm totally stoked because I am going to a pre-conference session with her, where I'll get to spend three glorious hours soaking up Leslie's wisdom and learning about the Merge Cube (more on that another post!)

I. Can't. Wait!

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