Sunday, March 17, 2019

Got an itch? SCRATCH it!

Last week (or maybe it was a few weeks ago, with all the snow days I've lost track!) I got to do a workshop with the fifth graders.  We spent 50 glorious minutes with our Chromebooks.  What were we doing, you ask?

We were becoming game-makers.

I know, I know, the school days are already packed with activities and lessons and skills and concepts.  However, I am determined to integrate (or at minimum, fit into) coding skills into the curriculum at all grades.  So, with the understanding that they can use their new-found game-making skill to present their learning in any one of their classes, it was a great day to SCRATCH the game-making itch!

Using the Scratch website we walked step-by-step through creating a simple "tag" game.  Along the way, kids were using a plethora of skills that can always use additional practice....

collaboration ~ communication ~ critical thinking
problem solving ~ creativity ~ perseverance

For those of you saying "Nah, I could never do that!" or "Sounds interesting, but I have no idea how to do that!" guess what?  Scratch has it all set up for you.  As in, you can print step by step direction cards that walk you through the whole thing.  That's what I did!  I literally held the direction cards in my hand and flipped through them as we completed each step.

And you know what?  In 50 minutes, nearly every fifth grader had a working game!  Go check them out!

P.S.  When you, the teacher or facilitator, creates a Scratch account, make sure you sign up as a teacher - then you can see what the kids are doing!

P.P.S.  Working with the younger group?  Check out ScratchJr!

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