Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Evolution of Michigan Video Games

Four years ago, we started a culminating technology project with fourth grade, integrated into their studies of Michigan.  Every year it's evolved further, adding layers of planning, organizing, and elaboration.

This year, we finally hit a bit of a sweet spot.  After learning how to create three different types of games on Scratch, and learning how to design their own backgrounds and sprites, students became video game evaluators.  They evaluated four different Michigan-related video games, looking for both what worked well and what could make the game better.

Next, students created a project planner (version three, as changes have been made every year!) detailing their game plans.  The final step was to create a storyboard for their game plan.  The BrainPop video we watched on Video Games showed how storyboards are used to plan and develop video games.  Students completed their storyboard on pencil/paper, and then posted it on Seesaw.

Several students started on Scratch today, building first their backgrounds and sprites before moving on to coding.  And then testing.  And coding.  And more testing.  And more coding.... you get the idea! 

I have very high hopes that this year's video games will be pretty spectacular!  
Page one: evaluating other games
Page two: game development
Page three: Storyboard Setup

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