Monday, May 3, 2021

CoSpacesEDU - complete!

The 7th graders turned in their projects today and WOW!  I am extremely impressed, especially given they had only a few days of work time.

Shmuel Bet Capital Assessment

Take a peek at some of the end products of this brand new project that will now be a keeper!

Example 1 - LINK

Example 2 - LINK

Example 3 - LINK

At the very end of the project students had to complete two additional tasks.  First, they had to evaluate their teamwork.  Then they had to visit at least three other projects.  I loved reading their responses to their classmates work!

"The first presentation I went to did Waverly, Michigan [as the new capital] because it has so many shops and that helps the economy.  The second presentation I went to had a lake and a bridge that lead to the giant capital castle and was super cool.  The third presentation I went to is where I learned that Jerusalem has a giant fortress that protects Jerusalem." -- BL

And another student response:

"The first space I visited chose Mackinac Island as their Michigan capital because of the immense water supply and the low crime rate.  In the second space I visited I highly enjoyed the animals telling jokes and the oasis with various plants and a lady standing a bridge.  That must have taken a lot of work!  You can also go up the towers!  That is awesome!  The third place I visited was a Lansing location where I learned that the Grand River supplies the water to Lansing." -- TC

Again, if you haven't explored CoSpacesEDU it is definitely worth checking out.  The possibilities are limitless with what kids can bring to life to showcase their learning!

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