Sunday, November 21, 2021


Earlier this year, I found a new social media platform called Clubhouse.  When I found it, the platform was invite only, but now, anyone can join!

Clubhouse is considered "social audio" and the best way I can describe it is that it's like interactive podcasting.  Someone (the host) starts a club on a specific topic.  People join that club.  That club hosts different rooms throughout the week or month that both members and Clubhouse participants at large can join.

Once you join a room, there will be at least one moderator.  The moderator pretty much runs the room, posing questions, holding a dialogue, or sharing knowledge.

And this is where the interactivity comes in.  Some of the rooms (most of the rooms in which I participate) allow audience members to join them on "stage" and participate in the discussion.  

And since it's all audio, it's something that you can listen to pretty much any time you want!

What does this have to do with education?  Over the summer, I spent countless hours engaged in rooms on Clubhouse on more education topics than you could imagine!  There were usually 2-3 rooms, every day, that caught my eye.  I'd sometimes just listen in, sometimes I'd participate, and by the end of the summer, I had my own club and was hosting rooms myself.

I have met some incredible educators via the Clubhouse app that I continue to learn from and grow with.  Yes, I'm on Twitter, and Instagram, and Linkedin... but this one is different.  There's something about hearing people's voices, having that "live" conversation - it's really powerful!  I've learned of new tech tools, tried new things as an educator, and continue to love listening and participant in these rooms!

Things are a little slower for educators on Clubhouse right now (educator overwhelm, anyone?) but I am still in a few rooms each week, and am looking forward to watching the education side of Clubhouse continue to grow.  And, in the mean time, there are tons of rooms hosting book discussions, TV show dialogue, parenting, sports, celebrities... so many choices!

If you decide to hop on the app, find me (@GetTeachingTech) and join my club (Get Teaching with Tech) for a great monthly tech discussion!


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