Monday, January 10, 2022

Tech Tip Take Two!

Last week was a rough one in my community. The number of COVID cases are climbing drastically, and the stress level for everyone is reaching peak levels.

And yet, we're still plugging along, because that's what we do as educators!

Parent emails were plentiful, with some students going remote for the first time, and parents trying to help them get online and whatnot. I found myself writing the same response over and over. And then on Friday when Google Meet went down?! With so many remote students, the emails multiplied like bunnies!

Cartoon by Glasbergen

Thankfully, I love using the custom dictionary on my phone and in Google. It is one of the few times I like auto-correct, actually! I have created my own "codes" so that when I type in a shortcut, say, plmkq, auto-correct automatically changes that to please let me know if you have any questions. Which means as I copied and pasted replies to parents, it was easy to just drop in plmkq, and the other custom dictionary codes I've created, into the emails to expedite the process!

This Week's Tip: Play around with the custom dictionary to make auto-correct a helpful time-saver!


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