Monday, January 3, 2022

Tech Tip!

At the beginning of a calendar year, it is known that lots of people like to set resolutions, things they want to do differently in the coming year.

And then, usually within a month, all those resolutions break. Or at least this used to be my story. Now I just don't make resolutions anymore.

Instead, I stick with one, life-long goal: Be a better version of me than I was in the past.

Some days feel like definite backslides. Other days it feels like I'm miles ahead of where I was.  Most days, though, I try to smile more than frown, be kind not critical, and always presume positive intentions.

Comic Credit: Aaron Bacall
For teachers, it is super easy to focus on the single negative event from the day, especially in days that are packed with more than a regular human can handle. My therapist once suggested that before bed, try to think of three positive moments from the day. Don't dwell on the single piece of criticism or the negative interaction from the day. 

I'll admit that it was (and still can be) a very challenging task. In a day full of smiles, the one frown can pierce my gut like a sword, and sit there for days. It's so easy to perseverate, even though I know it doesn't help at all, instead, giving me perpetual stomach issues.

This Week's Tip: try to find three positive moments in your day, and hold on to those for dear life. 

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