Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Today is?

Today is a day. It is a day that is numerically perfect. February 2nd, 2022. Not only is it a palindrome, it's also an ambigram, which means that it's visually the same upside down and right side up. Whether you write it the "English" way or the "American" way, today's date is a unique one. (And, if you didn't realize it, the rest of this month presents daily palindromes!)

The truth is, every single day is a special day. For example, today is also Digital Learning Day. February 8th is Safer Internet Day. August 1st is World Wide Web day. September 15th is National Online Learning Day. October 13th is Ada Lovelace Day. And, as many in education are already familiar, the second week of December is Computer Science in Education Week.

Every single day has some obscure holiday or event, whether you're in the states or abroad. While this might not seem terribly significant, these little events remind us to take a moment and celebrate. When I was a classroom teacher, I had a calendar set that included a tidbit for each day of the month. Some were facts, some were life dates for well known people, and others were holidays. 

My favorite resource for these days is Checkiday. It includes multiple memorable moments for each day of the year. Some of my favorites are food related, like ice cream day, chocolate chip cookie day, and taco day. Others include pet days, reading days, and family days. These random days can add a smile to a rather dull day, provide fun conversation in and out of the classroom, and bring awareness to unknown causes.

So, while today may be a doubly unique one, make sure to check out the rest of the calendar, because every day has something worth acknowledging.


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