Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Flipgrid for the WIN!

We recently hosted our first BIG in-person event, which, ironically happened exactly two years from the last day of school before pandemic life began.

Every year (pre-covid, of course!) the school hosts a huge event called Art and Music Night (or some variation on that title.) Every year each grade performs different songs, there's usually a song or two that the whole school comes together to sing, and the building itself is full of art. Oh, the art!

In years past, we even had interactive art stations that families could explore while they meandered through the building soaking in the artwork from every single class (yep, even the art of math was included!) It was a lovely evening that ended with a concert to remember.

This year, because the planning of the evening happened pre-today's-pandemic-guidelines, we had to err on the side of caution. Students performed only as a grade level. Families came through a guided tour, stopping in location one for an introduction to the evening and a performance by the choir before heading into the art gallery area, and finally ending in the gym for the performance. The schedule was repeated for each of the participating grades throughout the evening. A structure like this ensured that we were able to uphold any Covid protocols while still providing an amazing display of art and music.

Upon arrival, students went to the stage for rehearsal. Which meant they couldn't be tour guides for their families in the art gallery. 

Alas, Flipgrid AR!

Yes, it was a bit of a daunting task, recording 166 student videos onto five separate grids. Tracking kids down who were on quarantine, ensuring every child's art piece was the one they had chosen, all those little details were quite a clutter-causer.

It. Was. SO. Worth. It!

Parents came into the art gallery portion and had (hopefully, per directions sent ahead of time!) downloaded the Flipgrid app already. They found their child's piece and voila! Their child popped off the screen and gave a personal introduction to the art piece!

Now, nothing will replace the actually child being there live and in person, but Flipgrid AR made for a pretty amazing substitute!

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