Sunday, February 17, 2019

Plugo Count: Tales of Numero

On to the third installment of the Plugo Saga!  This time, we're visiting Tales of Numero, the second of the three currently available games for Plugo Count.

The concept behind this is that you're following Numero the fox through the forest as she tries to find the ingredients to make the brew of Ulo, some sort of magical potion.  Along the way, she encounters barriers only passable by solving a math problem.  Sometimes the barriers are big ones, because they're guarding ingredients to the brew.  Sometimes the problems are simple, single digit solvers.  Other times encounters involve multi digit math.  

Either way, I think this is an engaging math game for kids.  While the story is a little slow for me (love the ADHD adult brain!) it builds up enough suspense to keep kids engaged.  While it IS obvious they'll be practicing math skills, at least they'll be having fun along the way!

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