Friday, March 29, 2019

Fangirl Friday: Pernille Ripp

Ever heard of the Global Read Aloud?

You gotta check it out if you haven't already.  It is exactly what it sounds like - a read aloud with participants from across the globe.  Seriously.  Go learn about it.  Go sign up and join the more than 4,000,000 participants from across the globe!

And the mastermind behind this incredible event is none other than Pernille Ripp.

I have been wracking my brain for the past few weeks trying to remember how it is that I learned of Pernille Ripp.  I *think* I heard her speak at a conference somewhere, but don't remember when.  It really doesn't matter, though, because when I was in the classroom, she was such an inspiration to me.  And I could literally listen to her speak for hours.

When it comes to fostering a love of reading, she is a guru.  One of her books, Passionate Readers, is chock full of ways to empower students to embrace a love of reading.  It's not just the books that  matter - it's the classroom environment, the mindset, the teacher's connection...  Add to that the intentional integration of technology, and the learning environment set up in Pernille's classroom is one worth exploring.

One of my favorite posts is actually an old one.  To me, this post says a lot about who Pernille is as a teacher, and even more as a person.  The relationships a teacher builds with their students are, I think, the key, to what makes a good teacher a great one.

P.S.  The books for this year's Global Read Aloud were actually announced yesterday!

P.P.S.  Check out Pernille's old blog - Blogging through the Fourth Dimension - for more nuggets and stories!

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