Friday, March 22, 2019

Fangirl Friday: Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent.

He.  Is. Awesome.

Considering Tony had a 1:1 classroom 18 years ago, way back in 2001, I consider him one of the founders of the #EdTech movement.

A recent Instagram post -
click HERE for the details!
Back in 2001, Palm Pilot's were all the rage, and when they found their way into the education world, Tony was right there to jump in.  And while a lot of details are sketchy, cause it was so long ago, and I had just come out of student teaching, I love that I can say that Tony worked with my old school back in the day, helping to integrate 1:1 with our 4th and 5th grades!

Back then we were using AlphaSmarts and eMates.   Tony worked with the school to help integrate the dana, which was similar to an AlphaSmart but with Palm capabilities.  Tony did workshops with the students and teachers, helping them learn all the tips and tricks and uses for the 1:1 tech.  From there, it seems, things just took off and Tony hasn't looked back!

Tony offers online workshops (I took Classy Graphics a few summers back - it was awesome!) and is very active on Instagram and Twitter.  I highly suggest following him, as you'll get his Tech Tip Tuesday, which has been a great resource for adding little tech-bytes to your classroom!  He has shared so many great tips and tools that are now a regular part of my repertoire.

He is also an infographic master!  His infographics are so clear and easy to follow.  Add to that the webinars, and mini-videos he posts on his social media accounts and you will have access to some awesome bite sized PD!

Swing on over to Learning In Hand with Tony Vincent - you'll be glad you did!

A brief video from a few years
back - chock full of tips!

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