Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Letter from Mr. Potter

The September 7 "Daily Shouts" from the New Yorker may have been a letter from Harry Potter... yet I have a hunch that educators everywhere can relate... The Daily Humor column hit one out of the Quidditch Pitch with this one!

A few of the more memorable lines...
"Let me first acknowledge the obvious: last year, James struggled with his broom-flying. Happily, we have solved that problem. He has been diagnosed with flying-attention deficit—he’s overly distracted by birds, clouds, and whatnot."
And this one...
"I hope you’ll forgive a father these requests. More than anyone, I know what a privilege it is for my kids to attend my alma mater. After all, I had to drop out of school to collect the horcruxes and unite the Deathly Hallows before defeating Voldemort."

"Dear Minerva,

When I drop off James and Albus for the new school year, I’m so looking forward to seeing you and delivering the Golden Snitch that I signed for the silent auction. I hope it raises a few galleons toward refurbishing the Sorting Hat, which was looking dodgy even back in the day, when it gave me a sword to kill that basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Mad times—but I’m glad I was able to help, in whatever small ways, to save Hogwarts from destruction."

You gotta go read the rest - you won't regret it!
Hello from Harry Potter - The New Yorker

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