Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Mercy Tech Talk

I had the privilege of attending not one, but two conferences in the past 7 days.  Yes, I am that lucky!

On Friday, November 1, I spent my day at Mercy High School's Annual Tech Talk Conference.  After sharing some wisdom on Google tools, I spent a session with Director of Curriculum Innovation, and Grants for RCSD, Jason Gribble.  He talked about the importance of leadership coaching and modeling teacher expectations.  We looked at some great tools to support communication (newest Voxer fan here!) and talked about how Twitter Chats can profoundly impact one's learning network. among other things, entertained with some pretty funny video clips that are all too real in the world of educational leadership!

After a delicious lunch of tacos (something I am only now learning how to eat in public!) I spent an hour with Jeremy Badiner.  An hour with Jeremy is never long enough, and always goes way too fast!  This particular session focused on tools to expand the ever-changing tech toolbox, and I think I might need to build a bigger garage to hold all these tools!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Mercy Tech Talk is a local (Farmington Hills, MI) conference hosted by Mercy High School.  They do a fantastic job showcasing all layers of education - from student presentations to engaging workshops.  Look for it next November if you're in the area!

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