Wednesday, November 13, 2019

i Heart BrainPop

Seriously.  I do.

I've been using BrainPop since you could get a two-week free trial by signing up with your email address.  (Thank goodness for free email addresses!)  I've been using BrainPop since the teacher login was the only option!  I've been using BrainPop... well, for a long time.

And I love it.  Even more now that I've spent time becoming a Certified BrainPop Educator (CBE) after a training in spring 2018.  It gave me the chance to do a deeper dive into all that BrainPop offers now.

And let me tell you... the platform is pretty spectacular!

If you haven't explored BrainPop in a while, you might not know that teachers can create their own classes, kids get their own accounts, you can assign and track progress, they have a whole coding platform, and yes, you can even make your OWN BrainPop movies!

Last year, our 4th graders published a writing piece using BrainPop's Make-a-Movie feature.  They did such a great job with the project, and were so excited to publish their writing as a BrainPop movie!

Next week, we are introducing BrainPop student accounts to the 3rd graders and

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