Sunday, January 12, 2020

How Clean Are Your Chromebooks?

This experiment has been circulating the education circles for a month or so (at least that I know of) and every time I see it I kinda wish I still had my own classroom so I could do the same experiment that Jaralee Annice Metcalf did with her crew.

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Each time I see this, it makes me think about those basic skills, the non-academic ones, that are often a struggle to teach in our overly packed daily schedules.  It also makes me think about my stubborn niece, now five and a half, and her displeasure in taking the time to wash her hands.  Washing her hands is akin to taking a nap, something she gave up when she turned one.

Makes me wonder.... actually.... if I showed her this experiment, or even better, we conducted a similar experiment of our own, if she'd understand how the simple act of handwashing can keep her, and all of us, a lot healthier.

I think that as educators we often take for granted that things are different than they used to be - with families often having two working parents, kids getting shuffled around from activity to activity, there is less time at home for the "why" behind simple life skills.  Now, it's our job to take the simple, daily tasks that we do on autopilot, and explain the "why" to our students.  Even better when we can show them!

Take a peek at the article, if you haven't already done so, and if you want to take your kids (students or your own) through the scientific method with this experiment, here is that link, too!

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