Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Podcasting: Part 2

When I went to MiGoogle this past fall, I didn't realize that I'd *finally* become a member of the Podcast Party.  Two and a half months later... yeah....

For our fourth graders, turning their narratives into podcasts was quite the experience.  And the simplicity of Soundtrap led to podcast exploration at home, too!  We even had a premier party, complete with a red carpet and step and repeat (a new term I learned!) for the kids, and it was adorable!

The sixth graders took their first podcast creation experience to a whole new level.  For their podcasts, idiom origins, it was the summative assessment of a writing unit.  They took things to the next level by editing their own podcasts and adding a plethora of sound effects to enhance the listening experience.  Additionally, we introduce the sixth grade podcast with a contest for both the cover art and the audio intro/outro.  The winning entries were marvelous!

Now that we've gotten our feet wet as a member of the Podcast Party, I'm excited about our next endeavor, which is a larger scale podcast featuring the leadership at school.  Plans are in place, hosts are ready, guests are lined up, software is situated, and we're almost ready to roll...  My goal is that our first episode goes live by February 1st - stay tuned for the link!

Who knew that a simple session at a conference would spark such change, eh?  Next conference is MACUL... can't wait to see what that sparks!

Listen to 44 Stories
Listen to the Exposition of Idioms
The kids (and teachers) are very proud of their podcasts - we hope you enjoy listening to them!

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