Monday, January 20, 2020


Today, we kicked off a special collaboration between art and technology!  Our Kindergarten - 4th grade students go to art each week.  Our 1st - 4th grade students have tech time once each week.  The art teacher and I decided to try something new, and Techuary was born!

Over the next month, each grade, Kindergarten through 4th grade, will experience a technology-based art project.  Since today was already a special school day for our students, a day where we honor and celebrate all that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stood for, it was the perfect day to start!

In art this afternoon, 2nd grade did a special project for MLK day.  Using Seesaw on the iPads, they had a step-by-step lesson on drawing people - a special person today, MLK - focusing on proportions and shapes (and more the art teacher could much more eloquently explain!)  By the time class was done, they had shared this special drawing with their families!  Check out some of their work!

Next week is Shapegrams with 3rd and 4th grade - can't wait!

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