Sunday, February 9, 2020

Distraction, anyone?

Wow.  This post came across my Facebook feed a few minutes ago.  Wow.

You have to read this post by Kathy West, an 8th grade history teacher, posted on Feburary 4.

Original Post on Facebook
"Every class period today (6 periods) I made my students put their phones on my table (some left phones in their lockers). At the end of class we looked at their notifications. I didn’t read them, I just counted them. These are the notifications that my students got today in my class.  
Just my class.
Not their others classes.
Not lunch.
Not any other time.
Just my class.

Think about it.  How much of a distraction are these notifications to the students?
Just think about it. If this is just my class.... what would it look like if all the classes were combined."

Looking at the data... it is painfully obvious that while phones are definitely here to stay, and definitely an amazing tool to have, they don't make focusing in class very easy...

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