Sunday, February 16, 2020

Who Am I - part 2

The sixth graders are in the midst of a self-study of sorts, a "Who Am I?" identity exploration, and ThingLink was the perfect vehicle to "techify" their most recent piece.

In setting up student accounts, I was excited to learn that ThingLink is one of the most cost-effective teaching tools I've purchased yet.  At $1 per student, even if we only use it for this project, it will still be worth it (though I have a hunch that it will get quite a lot of use over the next few months!  It was super easy to set-up, too, as similar to Google Classroom and Freckle, students need only a classroom code to join the platform, and logging in with their Google account simplified things even further.

Kids took their "Who Am I?" one-pagers and added at least four ThingLinks to the drawings.  These had to explain the why behind their choices.

Look for some samples soon - I don't want to post without their permission!  In the meantime, create your free account and explore ThingLink!

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