Monday, November 30, 2020

I've Got Eyes Everywhere!

Earlier this school year we started off with new monitoring software for student devices.  We have been through a few different platforms over the years, and considering I've been working remotely, we needed something especially intuitive and simple.

Enter GoGuardian Teacher.

Set-up took almost no time, and we were up and running in minutes.  I had a small team of teachers using the platform for the first week as we planned a two-week trial before we purchased.  I think it was day 3 into the trial that we realized it was exactly what we needed.

We purchased a subscription for our 3rd - 8th grades, as they are 1:1 Chromebooks.  Students who use their personal devices are also monitored (once we found the little checkbox I forgot to check!)

Because GGT syncs with Google Classroom, the teachers can easily add or remove students as needed without admin intervention.  This is especially helpful in our 3rd and 4th grades this year, since if a student switches to remote learning for whatever reason, the remote teachers can easily add them to their classrooms and voila!  They're on!

The whole school is remote post-Thanksgiving and let me tell you how amazing it is to have the management platform!  In addition to a screen view, there is also a great timeline view teachers can scroll through to see student activity.  

What I like best about GGT (besides the fact that I can see student screens when I'm teaching!) is that the teachers and students use GGT for private conversations.  Students can not chat with each other, but they can message the teacher if they have a question that they might not want to ask in front of the whole class or in the main chat.  The teachers can see student screens and can pop a comment into a private chat to provide a hint or any help for students. Unlike any of the previous monitoring platforms we used, students are seeing GGT as a support, instead of a pain in the you-know-what!

Scheduling, link sharing, GoGuardian Teacher has it all, and I highly recommend it!

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