Thursday, November 19, 2020

Time to (go) BACK (to) SLIDE

Now that the 3rd graders have had *some* experience with slides, and they loved Shapegrams, we took their slides practice to the next level.

That level is fonts.

Because as much time as I spend playing with fonts?  Introduce fonts to 3rd graders and there goes your time!

Part of the push for for fonts is that the next project the 3rd graders have is publishing a book.  And my favorite part of that project is the font conversation!  The one where we talk about all the fun fonts out there, how you can pick fun fonts for titles, how your writing fonts need to be readable.... all that facets of fonts!

Not only that, but now that the kids learned layering in Shapegrams, they practiced that, too!

We're having fun "sliding" along our technology journey in 3rd grade...!

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