Thursday, November 12, 2020


Goal: Be able to design images online.

Some of you are looking at this going "No. Freakin'. Way.  I'm fine with finding graphics online.  Plenty good enough!"

What if I told you that 3rd graders are able to create their own images online?  Really, they are!  Wanna know how?

Tony Vincent (read more about him here!) created Shapegrams.  You may have heard of Google Drawings before since it's part of GSuite, but have yet to use it.

(Created by Tony, Shapegram Style!)

Enter Shapegrams!  Tony created an engaging and simple program that guides users through step by step instruction on each of the tools offered in Google Drawings.  More than that, the videos that accompany his direction make it possible for anyone to stop and start their way to completion. 

Each Shapegram has three elements - video and hints, drawing space, and an extension activity.  All of these are perfectly laid out on the Google Drawings canvas.  And... Tony has graciously offered the first four Shapegrams completely free!  (Want more once you start? Membership is worth it!)

Back to 3rd grade.  They're still in the phase of tech where they're practicing drag-and-drop.  Pretty basic.  Check out their first attempt at Shapegrams:

Not bad for first timers!  The image on the left is Tony's original image that the kids are to recreate.  It takes practice for sure, and is a great way to reinforce the drag-and-drop skill for 3rd grade!

As you become more experienced, you learn how to change line styles, border thickness, and a plethora of other helpful tips to allow us regular folk to create our own graphics!

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