Sunday, January 10, 2021

Flippin' for Fridays

Fridays are special in the Jewish community because they are the start of Shabbat. Last year, my school started a new tradition, Shabbat Mishpacha, where every Friday morning, the whole school mixes up into multi-grade Shabbat families for activities, community, and shabbat blessings.  COVID may have thrown a wrench into the mixing up into families this year, but it didn't stop the celebrations from happening.

Our rabbi has gotten creative with the activities this year, sometimes incorporating technology into the mix. This week, was Parashat Shemot (I'm still learning all about these Parsha - truly a foreign language to me!) and the directions to students were:
"Even though Moshe was a great leader, he needed help. He needed a push from God to do something that was hard for him.  After you watch the video, share about a time you did something that was hard. What did you do? Who helped you?"
So many of the responses were incredibly thoughtful! So refreshing to see young people sharing thoughts and experiences, reflecting on times of challenge, and appreciating the helpers in their life. All of this was made possible by the ease of Flipgrid - even the kindergarteners were able to share!
"It's easy to ask for help, but sometimes it's difficult in your mindset... it's easy to just ask for help, but it's hard on the inside." - 7th grade student

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