Friday, January 15, 2021

Reliable Sources

I'm starting to realize that I collect tech tools the same way I collect fonts.  I tend to have so many different tools, just in case...

PearDeck is not one of those tools.  PearDeck is used.  A lot.  It's not a "just in case" by any means.  

Be Internet Awesome collaborated with PearDeck to create this ready-to-go digital citizenship program.  It's organized into five different units covering a variety of Dig Cit topics.  And 5th grade kicked off 2021 with a focus on fake... well, really the focus was Don't Fall for Fake.

One of the things I really like about the collaboration is that the PearDeck slides make the content more interactive, especially for people teaching remotely.  The presentations use a variety of ways to get kids interacting with the content.  For example, some of the slides ask them to make a choice and drag an icon to one choice or the other.  Other slides ask them to respond to a question.  Still others ask them to draw or annotate the screen.

Using parts of the different lessons, we worked our way through the unit ending with the world of Interland, which is a Google game that is fantastic for reinforcing the lessons from the Be Internet Awesome program.  Did I mention all this is free?

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