Thursday, February 4, 2021

You've been Framed!

Every year, our third graders engage in a biography unit.  And every year, they present their learning in some sort of wax museum format.  And every year, we try to add one new twist to the unit.

Three years ago it was recording the presentations with the Green Screen (Love DoInk!) Two years ago it was having the kids use Osmo Masterpiece (one of my favorites!) to create portraits.  Last year, Covid crashed the plans, but Flipgrid fixed things!

This year, with some kids on campus and some kids remote, we turned to Flipgrid again.  Flipgrid, with a twist.

Since discovering the fabulousness of Flipgrid Frames, I look for any excuse to use one!  This year's wax museum was the perfect excuse!  Especially because it can be done with no special tools - just good old paper and coloring supplies.  No Green Screen needed!

Even better, math can be integrated in the process too.  How?  Because you need to start with a regular piece of drawing paper.  Fold that paper in quarters.  Measure two inches from the side (or one and a half) and cut out the center.  Unfold and you have a frame to decorate!

To create the virtual frame, Google Drawings was used.  (I am sure there are easier ways - share if you know of any!)  Then the kids added the frame as an image in Flipgrid, stretched it to fill the screen, and you have some very fancy videos!

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