Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Scratch That

Many years ago, back when I was a classroom teacher, I had two former students come in every week to teach my third graders Scratch. The first year, I was too in awe of what my former students were teaching my current students to pay much attention to the content.  The second year, I started paying attention.  And I learned a lot.

Fast forward to now, and fourth graders are learning Scratch, and wow are they picking it up quickly!  We dabbled a little last year, pre-covid, in Scratch Jr, but for most of the kids this is their first big jump into the world of coding (outside, of course, of Hour of Code!)

Our first task?  Learn how to create a "tag" game.  We're almost finished, too!

The biggest lesson?

Perseverance.  Grit.  Determination.  The kids having the most success are the ones who are persevering through the challenges.  And their little happy dances when they succeed make me smile!

Oh, another big lesson?  Follow the f$%@# directions!

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