Sunday, April 11, 2021


I am super excited for this week because I get to work with our 7th graders on a project using CoSpaces!  The CoSpaces platform allows you to create virtual reality spaces and interactive worlds.  

If you're a fan of Minecraft (which I am!) then think of CoSpaces as a more realistic platform that operates in a somewhat similar manner to Minecraft where kids are building and creating limited only by their imagination.  While CoSpaces says it can be adapted for any age, the dexterity of the platform lends itself best (in my opinion) to 4th grade and up whereas Minecraft can go for any age.

The shopping experience was set up as a movie theater.
Earlier this year, I gave myself a crash course in CoSpaces and created a unique shopping experience for the winners of our weekly reading raffles throughout March.  I learned (and connected with) there is a CoSpaces Facebook group that was incredibly helpful when I got stuck, as true to form, I learned the platform by doing!

Kids could click on different book covers to learn more about the book.

CoSpaces integrates coding as well, allowing creators to build just about anything from Rube Goldberg Machines to catapults.  The gallery gives you the ability to explore projects others have created, even if you don't have an account yet.  There is also a Merge Cube add on (that's a whole other post!) that allows you to build for the cube (so. much. fun!)

The possibilities with CoSpaces are endless - from museums to timelines, from volcanoes to the Roman Empire, if you can think it, and you get a CoSpaces account, you can create it and interact with your creation like never before!


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