Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Common Sense

Common Sense.

Some people have it, some people don't.

And whether or not you have Common Sense, you need to know about one of my favorite resources, Common Sense Media.

I've talked about it before, and it is a resource worth mentioning again.  Whether you're a parent, educator, nanny - anyone who interacts with children and young adults, this is a site to bookmark.

And they have a program that allows educators, schools, and districts to become Common Sense Recognized.  This means that the educator, school, or district are committed to providing opportunities for students, staff, and school community members to "harness the power of technology in the classroom and beyond."

Two key takeaways -

1) Parents, teachers, caregivers - anyone working with children and young adults - can go to the Common Sense Media website and find reviews and evaluations on everything from apps to websites, books to movies and TV shows, all that can help determine if they are appropriate for the group.

2) The Digital Citizenship curriculum CSM developed is super friendly for teachers to use, and as a bonus, has a great home connection for parents and guardians.  If you're not using it in your school, it is worth looking at.  If your child's school isn't using it and you're a parent, it's also worth looking at.

It can be so challenging, especially today, to sort through all the chaos and get to the crux of things - use the Common Sense Media site to simplify things a little!  Want to show a movie in class?  Read the CSM reviews first.  Want to check out the latest app the kids are all talking about?  Read the CSM reviews to find out if you should look at ways to integrate it into class. 

I recently completed the requirements to become a Common Sense Educator (and am quite proud of my new badge!) If like me, you find yourself constantly referring to CSM, take a peek at their programs - it will be worth your time!


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