Thursday, May 20, 2021


With all the end-of-year chaos happening, and the additional cause-of-covid add-ons (think: zoom programs, recordings, editing, sharing, etc) it's been a chaotic week and a half in my world.

But I couldn't let this week pass without mentioning Scratch because this week is #ScratchWeek!

And it's quite timely, too, as our fourth graders are finishing up the video games they designed on Scratch.  I am rather impressed with how they're turning out, too!  The kids have seen their games from design to near-completion, and are currently in the testing phase.  A part of me thinks the testing phase is their favorite, as they're playing each others games and providing feedback to make them even better.

Because of the way the unit was scaffolded, the kids are practicing using their sources.  The directions for each of the three different games we created together have been posted in Google Classroom.  We've tasked the kids with comparing what they need in their game (for example, a sprite that is controlled by arrow keys) and then finding the directions in one of the games we already created.  

I am super excited to see the finished games - I promise to post them when they're completed!


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