Friday, July 16, 2021

New Stuff = Summer Fun

I have been laying low the past two weeks after that super-intense wrap to the school year.  In my case, though, laying low means tech fun for me!  Among other things (more details as the sentences form in my summer brain) I am learning how to use Instagram Reels.  

I made my first one yesterday.  

It was way more complicated than I thought it would be.

When it comes to trying new things, I tend to dive in headfirst and read directions later.  Well, that didn't work for me this time around!  Thankfully, I'm participating in a Reels for Educators Challenge that I joined via Clubhouse (another post for another day, just know that Clubhouse is awesome and if you want an invite, just let me know!)

This challenge, co-hosted by Lisa Dabbs, Deborah Osomo, and Lobna Tarek is fantastic because it's walking participants through the how-to of creating Reels and it's doing so in an education focused way, which is perfect for me.  Following their instructions and examples, I'm learning how to use this new-to-me media format.

Humbled.  That's how I feel right now.  This challenge is a great reminder to me at how people feel when they are learning something new, whether it's adults learning tech skills or kids learning in general.  

So, without further ado... head over to Instagram and check out my first Reel! (Volume up for this one!)

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