Monday, July 19, 2021

Tech Support Site Tour

Recently, I've seen many requests from educators as to how to best support their colleagues in the world of technology support.  One thing that has worked really well for my school is creating a Technology Support Site.

Now, we didn't start off with this.  I started off with emails coming in, and responses being sent out.  It only took me a little while to figure out that, like with our students, many people have the same wonderings!  So I started a resource tab on the teacher side of our school's website.  That sort of worked, but it required teachers to go someplace else to find what they were looking for.

Next we shifted to a folder in Google Drive that I shared with staff.  Since everyone is always logged in to Google, it was easier than the school website.  This worked... for a bit.  It ended up being clunky and challenging to keep organized. 

So once again, we switched things up and created a dedicated tech support site using Google Sites.  This allowed for me to share videos that weren't just mine, since I often like to link a video from YouTube if that answers the question instead of recreating the wheel.

It was super easy to set up since everything was already in my Google Drive.  The best part is that it even easier to organize and keep organized.  Teachers can access it from a bookmark or from their Google Drive.  And, since the site is internal only, I am able to be very specific with my responses!

If you are a Google School, I highly recommend Google Sites.  Not a Google School?  Worry not!  There are so many other tools out there you can use to create your a tech support site!  Check out Weebly, Blogger, Wix, Word Press, and even Shutterfly!

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