Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Osmo Words

I love Osmo.  And while I love all the Osmo apps, I find Osmo Words to be the most versatile, the most flexible, and well.... I guess it's probably my favorite!  From letter recognition to geometry vocabulary, Osmo Words can do just about anything.  Whether you're looking for short vowels or site words, the hundreds of albums are a great way to integrate technology into whatever it is you're doing.

Once you've explored the albums created and shared by other people, the next step would be to create your own.  For me, I create using Google Slides.  I'll put a clue of sorts - be it a definition or a sentence, along with a royalty free image on each slide.  Then I download the deck and upload it on myOsmo.  From there, you add a word or words to each image (you can choose to level the images as well, adding multiple words to each), set your cover, and then download to your iPad or Kindle!

However.  My new favorite thing to do with Osmo Words is to have kids create the word decks!  I created a printable template that I used with sixth graders to have them create images to create a deck for learning Hebrew.  On the dashed line near the top of the page, kids wrote the word.  They then illustrated it, keeping their illustration in the black box.

At that point, you have two options - scan or snap.  I scanned each deck into my drive, then cropped each along the large grey box.  (If you don't have a scanner, snap a picture of each card.)  By using the boxes, it keeps everything lined up so that nothing is cut off when you're playing.  The kids loved making the decks and we're really excited to use them with the rest of the school!

Feel free to download the templates - one word per page or two words per page - and have fun creating your own decks!

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