Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Plugo Count: Life of Theo

Now that Plugo has been unboxed, and I've gotten a few bonus days (thank you, Mother Nature, but I'm ready for a full week of school again!) it's time to explore the apps of Plugo.

I started with Plugo Count: Life of Theo.  On the plus side, it's a great opportunity for students to interact with number stories in a more engaging way than the standard pencil paper practice.  Plugo does a nice job with simple animation, relatable number stories, and setting a purpose for the practice.

Theo is introduced as a 6 year old boy from Denver, which may make it a little young for older grades.  I do have my app set up to be used by third grade, so I'm not sure if his age/story adjusts for the age of students.  At any rate, 6 may be a bit young for third graders, but we'll see.

The concept is great.  Theo has to practice his math and is working to balance fun and learning.  Unfortunately, even with the great concept, the actuality of it isn't quite working.  While there was an update pushed out prior to the making of this video, even after trying it with the update, the app is still struggling to read the digits.  I am hopeful, though, that this is just the beginning and more improvements are ahead!

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