Thursday, April 4, 2019

It's a Masterpiece!


This week our 3rd graders were readying to trace pictures of the famous people and turn them into masterpieces in art class.  (They are researching different people as part of their biography unit.)  While taping a picture to a window, and taping another piece of paper on top of it is nice... things took a technological twist, instead!

From my perspective, it was one of the coolest experiences this year - seeing all the third graders, so focused, so intent, and so excited about what they accomplished with this new tech toy?  It was awe-inspiring.

If you're not familiar with Osmo Masterpiece, it takes an image you upload (or use one of the many provided images!) and turns it into a line drawing on the screen.  From there, you place a piece of paper in front of the Osmo, and you see your hands tracing the picture on the screen, while the pencil draws the lines on the paper.  Definitely not the greatest description, so check out the intro on Masterpiece for details that make more sense (hey, it's been a long, long week here!)

Because we used pretty big paper (12 x 18, maybe?) and Osmo Masterpiece works best with letter size paper, we experimented with elevating the Osmo base using blocks.  And while I can't exactly explain how it worked, it definitely worked, as the kids pictures filled much of the paper.  Oh, forgot to mention one of the neatest features!  While you're creating your drawing, Osmo is recording the whole process.  At the end, you have a time-lapse video of the process!  So cool!

Now that the kids have finished their drawings, they'll be taking them to Art class to turn them into detailed works of art in time for the 3rd grade Wax Museum in a few weeks!  I had a blast watching them work, and the kids?  They are already asking when they can use Osmo Masterpiece again!

Another win for Osmo!

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