Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Do New Then Review

Or at least that's what I told the third graders during their last tech class.

Everyone, including me always wants to jump to the part that's familiar, the part that we know we can be successful on, the part that's easy because we've already learned it.  This week, after thinking about that, I coined a new phrase - Do new, then review.  I explained to the kids that their first task is to work with the new content, and then, once that's done, they can review prior skills.

Ooops.  Some context might be helpful!

The last lesson in third grade tech was another mash-up for digital citizenship.  We used a little bit of Common Sense Media, and a little bit of Google Slides, and a little bit of my brain.

As a class, we watched and discussed the old version of Media Balance by CSM.  I like it particularly because the video uses the term "media" and not "technology" which lends itself to lots of engaging discussion.  After we watched the video, the kids had to go to Google Classroom and open up a Slides assignment where they were asked to sort six statements into true or false.

Once they sorted the statements (the new learning based on the video and discussion) they were then to practice changing fonts, sizes, and colors in the text boxes (review).  Explaining it that way to the kids - that they need to do the new ask first, and then they can review their skills in slides - I got to see a few lightbulbs go off.  They all sorted the statements and then got really creative with their fonts and colors.  Every student finished the activity this time, too... wonder if there is a connection?!

Interested in the lesson?  Send me an email, I'm happy to share!

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