Friday, March 5, 2021

Seesaw Connect!

This week, Seesaw hosted a week-long PD series for Seesaw for Schools Administrators.  It was a series of self-paced courses presented through the Seesaw Learning Hub.  Those were supplemented with live mini-sessions to discuss the different topics presented in both the courses, and the "Snapshot" sessions that were available as well.

My week was the usual crazy-busy that is this time of the school year (and if we're being honest, there is no slow time of year in a teacher's world!) so I wasn't able to partake in the live sessions earlier in the week, but I did get to go to three sessions today.

It was SO inspiring!  

My role is a fairly unique one, educational technology coordinator (technical title: Coordinator of Technological Adventures) and it is a treat to collaborate with others in similar roles.  Today, I got to chat with three (mostly) different groups of educators through Seesaw Connect.  They were short bursts, 20 minute sessions, and despite the brevity, they were so energizing!

It reminds me how important those professional conversations are.  For those in roles where they don't have collaborators in house, such as a single media specialist, music teacher, or art teacher, it's even more important to find events like Seesaw Connect.  Because I get to chat with everyone about tech everywhere I go, I forget how powerful these peer-to-peer conversations with those in job-alike situations are.

And.... if you're not a part of the Seesaw community, and your school uses Seesaw, go sign up!  You don't know what you're missing!  Joining the community and taking the modules keeps me updated and excited about Seesaw!

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