Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Rings of Responsibility

As we continue our journey into Digital Etiquette and beyond, 3rd graders explored the concept of Rings of Responsibility in tech class.

It was, if I do say so myself, a beautiful marriage of two platforms, brought together in flawless execution for a most memorable experience.


Well, at least it was definitely not flawlessly executed.  Gotta love technology for that!  It was a beautiful marriage of two platforms, though!

I love the chance to model new tools for the teachers, and EdPuzzle was the chosen tool this time around.  It is such a useful platform!  EdPuzzle allows you to take videos from YouTube (or uploaded by you) and insert questions into the video.  It then gives you a summary of each student - how long they spent watching the video, and how they answered each question.

Yes, you can even set it so that kids can't go past a question without answering it.

The question types in the platform are open ended questions and multiple choice.  The multiple choice questions are self-grading, which is awesome.

The feature that made this such a beautiful marriage is the note feature.  Right at the end of the video, I added a note (not a question, but same set-up) that said "Go to Seesaw to complete the activity."

Which means I got a solid picture of the kids learning via the questions they answered in the EdPuzzle video and the activity they completed in Seesaw!

EdPuzzle has a free platform and a paid platform, and right now you can get the paid platform free until July.  Definitely worth checking out!

This post wouldn't be complete without a plug for Common Sense Media.  So many of my Digital Citizenship lesson plans utilize CSM resources that are so user friendly and fun!

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