Friday, February 4, 2022

Tools Galore!

This week's tech challenge was to explore the website which is a collection of tools that run the gamut from fake tweets and sms text generators to historical tools and puzzle makers.

I've gotta be honest, at first glance, the site isn't much to look at. It's kind of vintage web and a bit cluttered. 


It's also a ton of fun! One of those sites where you're on it for only five minutes, and yet somehow, an hour passes.

Fling the teacher is a customizable quiz game where yes, you can upload any picture and fling away. The Tarsia Puzzle Generator adds a new layer to those triangular puzzles with whatever custom questions a teacher enters. Below are two of the tools that I played with - both super simple and with so many uses in the classroom! 

The sample in the badge maker is to use it with historical figures. It can be used for anything you can imagine - from vocabulary to science concepts and anything in between!  The SMS Text Generator would be great for character conversations, foreign language practice... anything the mind can dream of!


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