Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Chattering via Chatterpix

I know this may be an older app, but Duck Duck Moose's Chatterpix Kids is still one of my favorites, and year after year, I never get tired of introducing it to kids! (And their teachers, for that matter!)

Our second grades complete a Thanksgiving persuasive writing project each November, the fairly popular one where they disguise a turkey so it survives the holiday feast. A few years ago, we decided to add in a technology component, where they use Chatterpix Kids to make their turkeys "talk." This year, I got smart. I had the kids do a practice Chatterpix, going from start (taking the picture, making the turkey talk) to finish (uploading it to Seesaw) and what a difference that made!

To give them something consistent to use for practice, I brought our own school logo to life! It's amazing what a pair of eyes and a mouth does to an inanimate object! We practiced holding the iPad properly so that it only showed the paper in the background (no carpet!) and we practice speaking loudly, clearly, and slowly so that the mouth had lots of movement!

Past experience has shown that when we practice at this level, the actual project works much smoother. We'll have to wait and see!

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