Thursday, April 11, 2019

Masterpiece, Take 2!

Feeding of the fantastical-ness of the 3rd grade Osmo Masterpiece experience last week, this week 2nd grade gave it a go!

The kids are in the midst of an exploration on character traits, so what better way to explore character traits than to examine their own traits?

And what better way to examine your own traits than by drawing a self portrait?And what better way to draw a self portrait than with Osmo Masterpiece?

With what we learned from the 3rd grade experience, we were able to modify so that things were a little smoother.  One thing that made a huge difference was a suggestion from our art teacher - flip the pictures upside down.  That helped the kids focus on tracing the lines, instead of trying to draw perfect eyes (which, by the way, are really challenging to draw!)

The kids, of course, all whined about how terrible their drawings looked in the process.  The finished products, though?  Once outlined with Sharpie and colored with watercolors?  Yeah.  Pretty fantastical.

Now.... which grade will Osmo Masterpiece tackle next?

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