Friday, February 26, 2021

Moby Mask! Aaah!

Note the "Extremely Urgent"
notice on the envelope!
The coolest package was delivered to my door yesterday.  It wasn't but a flat-ish envelope, yet it is by far the best thing I've gotten in the mail in a while!  

I opened it up and I know my dog thought I was losing my mind cause with my overly excited response.  But this is something to be overly excited about!

You've "heard" me talk about BrainPop before.  Many, many, many times, actually.

Now I have my very own Moby Mask!  I am very excited to wear it on my first day back in the building in April!  

Thanks for the superb swag, BrainPop!  I am stoked to wear this (along with my BrainPop shirt) for all our BrainPop lessons in the future!

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