Tuesday, March 2, 2021


For the past two months, I have been partaking in a pretty engaging tech challenge.  Hosted by the Google Education Group of Michigan, each week a new challenge is posted and the goal is to tackle the task, conquer the task, and use the learning with students and colleagues.

The ever-persistent procrastinator that I am, I often leave the challenge until Sunday morning to complete (it's due by 8pm Sunday night) and then find myself down the rabbit hole of whatever the tool of the week is.

Some of the tools have been reviews (Jamboard, EdPuzzle, Remove.bg, Kami).  Some have been reminders (Wakelet, Whiteboard.fi).  But some have been new tools to me (Trello, Whiteboard.chat, and some of the fancy text generators.)

I know I'm a nerd (proudly!) but I love the digital badges that you get for completing each challenge.  I also love that this is a fantastic model of how to successfully use Google Classroom for professional development.

While it's too late to join the challenge officially, you can still learn from the challenges.  Happy Learning!

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